Clwb Cwchod Cemaes - Charles Henry Ashley - Cemaes Boat Club

Minutes of the meeting held on 28th September at 7.00pm in The Vigour


Sue Beeland (SB)

Piers Beeland (PB)

Marilyn Downs (MD)

Richard Downs (RD)

Norman Mason (NM)

Keith Downs (KD)

Laura Downs (LD)

Mac Ozanne (MO)

Julia Ozanne (JO)

Jude Sutcliffe (JS)

Steve Bray (SB)

Trevor Brown (TB)

Apologies received:

Mike Whitlam (MW)

Janet Whitlam (JW)

Alun Pari Huws (APH)

Simon Drakley (SD)

Bob Trueman (BT)

Sue Wain (SW)

Mike Thompson (MT)

Austin Stevenson (AS)

Steve Durbar (SD)

Keith Lewis (KL)

John Yates (JY)

Bill Yates (BY)

The meeting was chaired by Piers Beeland, Chairman, who welcomed everyone and congratulated Keith Downs on achieving his Yachtmaster qualifications.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record by those present.

Status of Boat

It is planned to sail the boat to Amlwch on Saturday October 17th in preparation to take her out of the water on Sunday October 18th and move round to Peibron Farm.

Plenty of crew have signed up for the Saturday sail, but Norman was concerned that there were not enough people to help on the Sunday, which is an important day and requires a number of fit helpers. The doodle indicates that only 6 people are able to help so far.

Also the trailer needs to be checked and Norman plans to do this on Saturday October 10th. Volunteers are needed to assist with this also.

Marilyn offered to send out another email with the minutes to make sure that members realise this and request that volunteers muster at 9.00am on the Sunday at Amlwch Port. (Action MD)

Norman gave a brief report on the current status of the boat and future maintenance.

The boat looks reasonable and Norman has undertaken some patch up work following the summer sailings, but there is still a lot of work to do.

He plans to investigate the floorboards as soon as the boat is out on 24th Oct.

We may need a professional evaluation of the work that needs to be done and then plan this into the winter schedule. The committee discussed approaching Mike Fox, and if the work is extensive then sponsorship for a new deck may need to be sought.

Once this is decided, the boat requires a full overhaul this season. (Varnished, sanded and oiled, and painted where appropriate).

Norman stressed that this is a lot of work and will need at least 6 or 7 volunteers every Saturday or Sunday morning in January and February. A schedule of work will be arranged by Norman. (Action NM)

It was suggested that a work 'doodle' could be set up by Mike so that Norman would know who to expect on Saturday mornings. (Action MT)

Mike has offered to continue to try and get paint - the same amount as last year. (Action MT)

Treasurer's Report

Simon had sent in a report for the Committee. Currently there is £4,433.36 in the current account.

£200 has since been received from Telboy's Tackle for their fishing competition. Piers offered to send a 'Thank you' from the Boat Club and they are also invited to the Christmas dinner.

Some payments out since the report - Lucas oil and Vega fuel.

Membership Secretary's Report

Laura reported that there are now 67 members. There are 55 full members and 12 friends

The membership revenue makes a big difference but a higher number of active members would be also very productive. Piers reported that he is trying to encourage more sailing members.

Any other business

Ron's ashes

On Saturday 3rd or Sunday 4th October it is planned to take CHA out to sea with 6 of Ron's family to scatter his ashes.

Therefore the additional Crew required will be 9 maximum:

At the meeting, Norman, Piers and Trevor agreed to attend.

Other crew suggested were Mike Thompson, Wally, Mike Whitlam, Austin Stevenson, Alun Pari Huws. Marilyn offered to contact Mike Thompson about this.  (Action MD)

The boat will be taken out of the harbour at 1.15 Saturday or 1.30 Sunday and a decision will be made on weather closer to the time.


Ron's family are thinking that the boat may continue to support CHA and Stephen Cox is listed on the membership as a friend.

Norman confirmed that Kirsty can stay on the mooring for the present until any decisions are made by Ron's family.

Committee discussed the future of support vessels for CHA and whether the grant application should be resurrected at this point. No final decisions were made, but it might need to be a discussion for future meetings.

Boat House

Mac reported regarding a proposal for a Boat House and water sports centre at the far end of Cemaes beach. This would require a lot of money, and the local council has been involved with some initial thoughts about this. The idea has been discussed and put into abeyance, but not yet thrown out.

This would provide a shelter for CHA and also allow regular maintenance to take place.

Elfed is now hoping to talk to a local planning officer to explore the project in further depth. Mac proposed that, as Chairman of the Boat Club, Piers needs to get in touch with Elfed and the local council to indicate the positive feelings of the Boat Club for this project. CHA could then be on display for the public as it is a real asset for the village and a very positive tourist attraction.

Proposed Mac Ozanne and seconded Richard Downs.

Christmas  Party - 12th Dec

Laura has now arranged for this to take place at The Harbour Hotel on Saturday 12th December. It will cost £18.95 for three courses and there will be a lower price for two courses. 70 seats have been reserved and all members, supporters, and crew from the Anglesey Adventure have been informed and invited.

It was suggested that next year the local RNLI could be invited, as they were also arranging a Christmas Dinner for their own club on the same day.


Laura suggested that CHA could do a Race Night to raise funds.

It would cost £250 for it to be organised and would require sponsorship for each race from local businesses. (6 races)

Then sponsors are needed for each horse (8 horses per race).

Minimum bet is £1 on each horse from public attending.

Possibly could stage this in The Stag for February, and the landlord, Keith Fitton, has indicated that he would cater for the event with snacks or hotpot or curry.

It would need a lot of help to organise, but the Committee agreed that this would be a good idea. 30th Jan was suggested, so Laura will check dates and confirm. (Action LD)

Old Gaffers' Weekend

On behalf of the Boat Club, Piers thanked Julia for organising the stall at Gaffers Weekend in Holyhead.

Cemaes Voice

Marilyn informed the Club that Cemaes Voice would not be able to print the next article due to lack of funds. (However, Marilyn would still send it out to all members). Instead, a Christmas message will be printed for the December issue of Cemaes Voice and Marilyn will send in a suitable picture and message. Mac also offered to put article onto the Club website. (Action MD/MO)

RNLI Boards

Marilyn reported to the committee about the RNLI boards owned by Howard Evans that are currently on display at the Maritime Museum.

The boards were once displayed in the Cemaes Village Hall and were moved to the Maritime Collection when the hall was being refurbished.

These impressive boards form part of a much bigger display about the Cemaes Life Boat and Howard Evans has recently expressed his satisfaction that they are appropriately sited, very well cared for and easily available for public viewing in their current situation.

Mr. Evans has also indicated that if ever CHA has its own boathouse, the boards could be sited there.

David and Sandi Birkett Evans, who own and manage the Maritime Museum, are hoping to share these artefacts with the Heritage Centre and provide visitors with the opportunity to discover more about the Cemaes seafaring history.

They have offered the Heritage Centre the opportunity to create some information boards - possibly by photographing the original boards and having these mounted on canvas. It would depend on the space available as they are a considerable size.

At the moment, no response has been received from the Heritage Centre.

The Committee agreed that the original boards are much safer in their current site at The Maritime Museum and that if and when CHA has a dedicated boathouse the same type of copy should be on display there.

Registered charity status

Laura proposed that the Boat Club should investigate applying for charitable status.

This would need a volunteer to organise the paperwork and application.

She went on to suggest looking at the Zetland Lifeboat Museum and Redcar Heritage Centre who would be a good model to contact.

Next Committee Meeting:    26th October at 7.30pm

Marilyn and Richard Downs gave apologies in advance for this meeting.